(formerly called Lifetime Security Plan)

Robert Shiller

"I am indeed impressed with the Home in Trust. It is a hell of an idea."

- Robert Shiller, 2013 Nobel Laureate in Economics

How does it work?

  • An investment in Home Shares can fund your retirement.
  • You own and control your Home for life.
  • You can stay, move and rent for extra cash.
  • Real estate taxes and home insurance are paid for life.
  • All major home expenses are repaired including the roof and exterior siding, electrical and plumbing, and foundation.
  • An inheritance is guaranteed. "Walk Away" money for life is also guaranteed. Early death repayment or cancellation is included.
  • At death, your home is sold and Home in Trust and your heirs are paid the tax-free sale proceeds.
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How Non-Profit Charitable Trusts protect you:

1 - Regulated

Home in Trust creates your Home Inheritance Trust, a tax-exempt, regulated non-profit. Your Home title is placed in your Charitable Trust, and you continue to own and control your Home Equity and your cash. Your Trust acts as a secure, legal container against creditors, Medicaid recovery and financial exploitation.

2 - Trustee

Home In Trust does not control your Trust. A Trustee is appointed and is tasked with the legal fiduciary obligation to make decisions in your best interest. You direct the Trustee to manage your home and your money.

3 - Independent Trust Protector

For further protection, an Independent Trust Protector is appointed as an Advisor to your Trustee, and also has the legal fiduciary duty to preserve and protect your Home and your cash.

With Home in Trust, you don't ever have to worry again about taxes, insurance, or certain repairs - or access to your Home Equity.

"It's the ultimate peace of mind."

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